Painting Language 

My work reflects the world around me. For most of my life that world has been large sprawling cities, rich in human drama and man-made edifice. Largely figurative in nature, there is no direct message in my work — the viewer must provide a willingness to engage and interpret the images in their own personal way. Meaning as such is unique to every individual and becomes a deeper personal connection with the work, free of supplied instruction or context.


Painting captures the part of life that can only be written in the language of imagery. I find no beginning, middle or end, other than the stages of work that eventually lead to a decision to end progress and allow the painting to be what it is.  There is a kind of inherent tension in unfinished or unrefined parts to a painting that strikes me as a perfect metaphor for life.


I am transfixed by the human form, it is the most powerful and engaging subject matter available. I show the figure in many different forms, both imagined and realistic. My approach to making paintings is entirely self-taught and informed by studying the works of others and the evolution of my own.